And the stazzu (the farm house annex) is ready for rental.

Finally ! After nearly three years’ hard graft, the original farm house is finished and ready for rental next year in 2018. Here it is on the homeaway website :

And just to reiterate this point, the annex will only be rented with the villa to one group of 10 people maximum. In other words, these two villas will not be rented separately so your privacy is guaranteed if you book your holiday with us .

The stone built annex is here in red.

google earth villa nuraghe.JPG1

The annex is the original farmhouse building on this site. All of the original rustic features have been preserved and the decoration is reminiscent of past country life.

So let’s get straight to it and enjoy some pictures now !!

The outside :

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The lounge / kitchenette as you walk in:

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The double master bedroom with en suite to the left of the lounge:

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The double bedroom (2 single beds) with en suite to the right of the lounge:

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Close encounters of the animal kind.

I just thought I would add a few photos of the animals I have encountered this year to make a change from the usual wild boar photos that are associated with this island.


Hawk Moth caterpillar than wriggles and clicks when disturbed. This huge caterpillar turns into a moth the size of a small bird!


A Sardinian Turtle. Occasionally seen crossing the country roads.


A praying mantis. An insect catching bonus for any garden!


A Fox, not that unusual, except this one came and sat next to me at a friends pizza restaurant. It was preoccupied with looking at the view, rather than bothering with people or pizza!


A sheep dog. Again, not at all unusual, except that they are usually unapproachable or even aggressive due to their work of living in the fields with the sheep and protecting them. This one loves me as I knew it as a pup and it will walk many kilometres in the heat to come and visit me.


Village Open day “Ajo” in Bulzi

“Ajo a Bulzi”


Ajo meaning “let’s go” in dialect and Bulzi a village near to Perfugas and Sedini.

We decided to spend a day there which is one of a series of open days in the region.

Range of activities and visits varies depending on the village but usually include free visits to the museums and guided walks through areas of interest in the village area, traditional music and dancing, traditional country crafts and foods.

Bulzi is usually a very quiet village but was certainly alive on its open day.

Our favorite place to visit for the whole day was Bulzi’ s communal washing area and water fountain; now a cool shady granite structure with running spring water.


The best launderette I have ever sat around in !

The museum is well worth a visit. Quite small and simple displays but varied, interesting and friendly. Good for such a small village.

Also in the museum are pictures of the Lunissanti week during Easter. The Castelsardo procession is very famous for it. Now we know Bulzi has its own too.

Meanwhile, outside, there were various merry-making events mostly centered around artisanal food and drinks and an excellent local honey producer that also made superb honey aqua vita. Good fun to drink whilst watching the dancing.20161009_165639Dates for Ajo events are often published online and some posters put up locally.



Lovely drawings by our guest Riana

The following 3 drawings were masterfully crafted by our talented and lovely guest Riana during her stay with her parents in August 2016.

The following is a drawing from the Megalithic nuraghe sitting on the villa grounds. As you can see, it is surrounded by small trees and luxurious bushes.

nuraghe 001If you enjoy snorkelling , there are many places to enjoy doing so and you may see plenty of fish like these 🙂

fish 002This is Riana ‘s minimalist rendition of a firework. You can see one of these in Castelsardo during August.

Fireworks 001Dear Riana, we thank you so much for letting us share your artwork on our website.

It was lovely to meet you as well as your parents. We certainly hope to meet again. xx


Update : “Grand Designs” in Sardinia.

The alternative title for this blog was “The last pleasureable touches after the slog in the stazzu lounge”

That’s often the most satisfying bit in a DIY/ rebuild, the part where you get to hang or position your favorite objects in a room. ( I guess you would call it “decoration”. There was a lot of hanging and positioning on shelves in our case though, lol)

Already, with a coat of white paint and the new ceiling, we were happy with the results.But with those sardinian antiques pieces in place, we are pretty delighted now … ( there is still the floor to lay down and the furniture to get but we shan’t think of that yet 😉 )                 And Malcolm thought of an ingenious and traditional way to hang our antiques too. I wonder if you’ll guess what he used … (Tip : it’s recycled from excess material 🙂 )
So let me take you through a series of before and after pictures of the lounge.

The fire place (We chose an original colour for the fireplace as back in the day, only a small handfull of natural dye colours were widely available. That shade of brown was , and still is the most common for fireplaces.)

The kitchenette ( not quite finished)

The new shelves ( with traditional and ornemental kitchen objects )

The bread oven

An existing hole for the old electricity meter box is turned into a sweet alcove

The addition of a stone container in the lounge

A few decorative items

More beautiful and natural outdoors space at Villa Nuraghe.

Malc and I had always planned to open up our land and woodlands at the back and side of the villa. If not immediately for the clients ‘ pleasure, at least to allow us to walk around and harvest useful fire wood.
Those plans for the land and small forest had to be put on the back burner for a couple of years as different priorities were establised (repair and increase the height of the stone walls at the front of the villa, put in the swimming pool etc).
Malcolm always wanted to make the most of the land and existing forest to plant and harvest more fire wood. Free renewable energy , you see 🙂                                                  With that in mind, he bought and seeded 500 eucalyptus in May last year (the“ Sydney Blue Gum” variety for the tree geeks amongst us 😉 ) . My , my … Did they grow !! By September, they were nearly my height (a diminutive but strong 1.60m, lol).

Come the end of October and November, we worked like dogs !!!

I actually forgot to take different pictures of the land at the back of the stazzu before we set off to clear it, but the back left corner was full of trees , shrubs and massive granite stones; all of it covered in thick brambles and vine like weeds.

What I presumed would take 2 weeks took  4 weeks plus of full on work. Malc was on the strimmer and chainsaw. I was dragging piles of cuttings and burning as well as taking down and piling the wood with Malc .

That might have taken us 3 weeks just clearing the site but our neighbour Martino was chomping at the bit to get the stone walls between our 2 properties repaired. The thicket had prevented the sheep from straying into our land but with the now apparent gaps in the walls, Martino was keen to repair them . And ” sooner rather than later” was his motto. So in between 2 or 3 fires on the go, dragging mounts of cut branches and gathering of useful stones, me and my sprightly 93 years’ old neighbour got to work …

I am really glad we did all this clearing and planting. The real pleasure was in uncovering trees and truly stunning stones that hadn’t seen the light of day for nearly 3 decades….

And our clients can now benefit from more unspoilt space to discover in our small woodland … and enjoy a different panorama too.

And in January this year, Malc planted the eucalyptus trees ( you know, the ones grown from seeds .. nearly 400 of them !!) . Free and renewable fire wood forever as well as a different kind of forest to walk through …