Bulking up our library in Villa Nuraghe.

We are going through our books at the moment to decide which ones to take to Sardinia on our next trip. I am a member of bookcrossing logowww.bookcrossing.com as “Europea”.  So most of the English novels will be available for our clients to take away with them if they wish. They will be recognisable by their bookcrossing stickers on the back cover.

Sadly, I cannot say the same for our books in French. I have so few of them that I’ rather have them stay in our library for our clients’ pleasure.

Feel free to leave any of your novels behind, the next clients will surely enjoy them too !

Next job : go through our collection of DVDs….

Winter 2013 update : our free library has been a success. We now have plenty of English books for next season. And those ones are still ready to travel far and wide.

Plus a couple of “stay put in the library” German ones and quite a few French ones from my parents’. Some say ” Game on !”, I say “Read on !”

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