Eating and drinking in Sardinia

You will find below a selection of videos about food in Sardinia. Most of the food here is still traditional and very local too.  Food here is considered way more than body fuel, it truly is a way of life, a moment of true joy and the pleasure of sharing and being together. For all these reasons, the following videos should appeal to most people for their link to the culture and the Sardinians’ way of life as well.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Sardinia season 6 as well as

Delinquent Gourmet – Sardinia 2010

For wine lovers , check the following website as well as and , both the winery being near Alghero.

In Perfugas I can warmly recommend the wine shop and the local cheese cooperative in Via Felice Cavallotti.  And the ice cream parlour by the town hall of course !



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