Eco friendly villa

Another issue very close to our hearts is eco-sustainability. A lot of what & how we have modernised Villa Nuraghe has environmental awareness at its core.

So, in accordance with our beliefs and our concerns for best practice, we went for a minimum of A + rating for all the appliances (fridge, washing machine and dishwasher), put in a water heating solar panel (backed up with a gas boiler if necessary) and double flush toilets. Outside, we have a solar powered fountain, fairy lights on the pergola and spot lights for the pool decking.

But how does that fit in with the rental business? We don’t believe this is a major concern for potential clients. Whilst I don’t think people will choose us rather than another villa because of our 3 recycling bins or water saving devices , we do what we feel is right whilst trying not to be eco-evangelical about it.

In fact, the best eco features are the ones that reap the rewards without you having to do anything about it (once all the systems are in place) . For ex : put the dishwashing on eco wash, have that free hot shower thanks to the solar panel, enjoy the cooling splashing sounds of the solar powered fountain etc.

The other kind of eco rewards comes from you putting in some efforts before you reap the rewards.The trick in a rental setting, I believe, is to encourage people by making it easy for them. So we provided recycling bins at the back of the villa but we will empty them ourselves. There is a bucket near the shower so clients can fill it up before the hot water arrives and use that to either flush the loo or water the plants.

Our pool has a salt electrolysis system which is gentle on your eyes and skin as well as better for the environment.

”Make it easy for our guests to be green by having the infrastructures in place and encourage positive practice” could become one of our motto. We shall see at the end of the season if the people who readily recycled the shower water (for eg.) already considered themselves green or whether they got round the idea quickly (or not). Will this turn out to be preaching to the choir or converting new adepts ?

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