So much more

So much to see .. So much to do … and sometimes only a week’s holiday for all that. Then again, you don’t have to do anything at all once at the villa. We have had a few clients that you just loved sitting on the terrace, chill out in the hammock , the pool or the swing chair with  good book and a nice drink ….. Whilst you will be spoilt for choice, the choice is yours 😉

A couple of articles of notes :

Whilst this article is great overall, i feel i must come out clean : I have no time for Porto Cervo whatsoever. I went there twice and all I could think was : ” this much for a D&G t-shirt !?! Some people have more money than sense ” and above all I thought ” this is what it must look like to be in Barbie’s world on acid”.
Now the beaches are beautiful but they are some stunning ones all over the island. If you love beautiful yachts and luxury items or see some famous people, then you should definitely go to Porto Cervo. If you are not interested in the above, then read the rest of the following article :

This one really starts at 3.20 : Anthony Bourdain no reservations in Sardinia :

It is quite hard to convey everything that’s just unique and so enjoyable about Sardinia.  Let me try to give you a flavour with the following video which I reckon is by far the best about this island in general :