Secret spots of the local countryside

It took us years to find this place despite being told where it was by local friends. You can so easily drive by the entrance and not notice it … It really is a secret waterfall , perfect for wild swimming undisturbed. It is more than 11 metre deep and has various platforms from which to jump. Nothing can be more invigorating than that fresh water and that 7 metres jump. Make sure you have good water shoes to help you climb back up … or somedody else to give you a hand if necessary.

Plenty of flat rocks too so come prepared to chill out there / picnic if you want to stay on.

PS : the Perfugas natural swimming pool is accessible if you have proper shoes with a good gripping sole. By this I especially mean no heels or flip flops (a bit of scrambling is required) . Very young children may present a challenge to get there .It’s probably safer not to go with children younger than 6 years’ old. And as always, take your rubbish away with you. Cheers.

Another great place to enjoy a tranquil swim is in the forest of Tempio. Again this is a little known place and you’re likely to find yourself alone there, especially if you get there in the morning . Great for a picnic as well. After a spot of sunbathing , you can cool down in the water or even just chill out in the shade under the trees …

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2 thoughts on “Secret spots of the local countryside

    • Hey Jen. It’s not that easy to find on your own but it’s basically after the Perfugas swimming pool. The entry is through a field on your left on that road. You kinda need a GPS to get to it … or tell me when you’re next back in Sardinia & I’ll take you there after an icecream in the centre 😉

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