“ The traveller’s choice award 2016 “ : Sardinia tops the league of the most beautiful beaches in Italy

Once again, Sardinia tops the chart according to the tripadvisor classification..
here are the 10 most beautiful beaches in Italy. Sardinia won the first place – with Cala Mariolu – and also won 4 other positions in the Tripadvisor ranking on the most beautiful Italian beaches. The “Traveller’s Choice award 2016” is based on votes and comments of millions of users, collected during 2015.

And here is the link with pictures : http://bit.ly/1U9nW22

Another reason to enjoy the peace and beauty of our villa in between trips to the beach 🙂

On a classic note, a local newspaper headlined this as “Sardinia beats Sicily to the top position”. Regional rivalry seems to exist wherever you end up in the world 😉

Top 10 Sights in Northern Sardinia

Top 10 Sights in Northern Sardinia.

This above link is another courtesy of Jennifer Avventura’s blog.

There are a couple of places we haven’t been to ourselves like Dorgali, Tavolara or the Asinara island. And just one I wouldn’t bother with again (Costa Smeralda. Well,  Porto Cervo at any rate)

Jennifer’s explanations are great … I would add that I would also recommend a day trip from Santa Teresa to go and tour the Maddalena islands. Boats to do so come in all shapes, sizes and price brackets. But get to Santa Teresa’s port before 9am to choose your boat .

Dog beaches in Sardinia

We have just decided to rent our villa to people with a dog too. After all, we have a lovely dog ourselves  and know how difficult it is to stay in a nice place that also accept animals.

And the other good news is that they are constantly new “pet friendly” beaches in Sardinia. They were barely any 2 years ago, they are now 24 of them at the time of writing.

For the full article in Italian  : http://sardegna.blogosfere.it/2013/07/spiagge-per-cani-in-sardegna-2013-ecco-la-lista-aggiornata.html

And for the beaches closest to us :

In Gallura:

San Teodoro – Spiaggia per cani in località Costa Caddu

Olbia (doppia): Spiaggia per cani a Le Saline (Punta Calvone) e a Cala Razza di Iunco

Caprera – Spiaggia per cani di Porto Palma

Palau – Doggie beach di Punta Nera

Santa Teresa Gallura – Porto Fido, presso la spiaggia di Porto Quadro

Badesi – Dog friendly beach in località Baia delle Mimose

In provincia di Sassari:

Sorso – Spiaggia per cani alla discesa a mare n°4

Sassari – Spiaggia per cani a Fiume Santo

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Nudist beach anyone ?

This is another great article from Jennifer Avventura in her blog “my sardinian life / la mia vita sarda” about the few nudist beaches in Sardegna.

For the complete article, read the following 12 beautiful beaches to wear your birthday suit in Sardinia, Italy.

Since Jennifer first published that article about a year ago, I notice 3 beaches have been deleted from that list, leaving Porto Ferro in Alghero as the only local nudist beach ( 1H00’s drive).

For info, all beaches are legally topless in Italy…. But you shan’t see that very often either compared to mainland Italy.

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On the joy of cushions !

As with many couples, my partner and I hold different views on diverse topics.

We are pretty much singing from the same sheet on wildlife, environmental issues, political opinions etc. Malcolm actually taught me my first English protest song.

One issue we seem to disagree on though is cushions.

He says “they are for girls”. His male friends tend to agree actually….

I think they add a level of comfort and prettiness to any sofas, beds ….

Just imagine the following rooms without those cushions :

Romantic "colonial style" with four poster bed.

Romantic “colonial style” with four poster bed.

2 beds small

new lounge

Not so great without them, right ?

You guys can vote too. So, are you pro, against or cushions neutral ?

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Welcome to our 1st guests ever !

We welcomed Phillip and Angela yesterday from rainy Peterborough. They arrived in pleasant warmth in Perfugas, the countryside now filled with spring flowers.

Much to their pleasure, the temperatures are in the low to mid 20’s currently and the forecast is for sunshine for the next 10 days . When I asked if I could type a few words on my website from them, they said they plan to “soak up that sun, relax and read books”

Spring is definitely on !!

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5 beaches in Sardinia amongst the 10 best ones in Italy according to Tripadvisor.

“la Pelosa” beach in the European top ten (90 kms away from Villa Nuraghe)

La Sardegna conquista il record italiano per il numero di spiagge premiate dagli utenti del popolare sito web: sono ben cinque. Oltre al paradiso stintinese, in classifica ci sono Cala Mariolu, Tuerredda, Cala Brandinchi e Cala Goloritzè

 SASSARI. Con cinque litorali nella classifica delle migliori spiagge del mondo, la Sardegna conquista il primato per il maggior numero di lidi premiati in Italia da TripAdvisor. Il più noto sito di recensioni di viaggio ha annunciato oggi i vincitori dei ’Traveler’s Choice Beaches Awards 2013’, una selezione delle 276 spiagge più belle stilata in base ai commenti lasciati sul sito TripAdvisor da milioni di viaggiatori. Grazie alla «Pelosa» di Stintino (Sassari), l’isola si piazza anche nella top ten europea, all’ottavo posto.

Ecco le spiagge sarde più amate in Italia: La Pelosa è seconda (dietro soltanto alla spiaggia dei Conigli di Lampedusa e prima assoluta in Europa), Cala Mariolu (Baunei, in Ogliastra) è terza, la spiaggia di Tuerredda (Teulada, Cagliari) è quinta, Cala Brandinchi (San Teodoro, Olbia-Tempio) è ottava e Cala Goloritzè (Baunei, in Ogliastra) è decima.

«La Sardegna vince facile ancora una volta», commenta l’assessore regionale al Turismo, Luigi Crisponi. «Le nostre “perle” hanno conquistato i viaggiatori di tutto il mondo e si fregiano nel 2013 di un prestigioso riconoscimento. I feedback dei turisti sullo splendore del mare della Sardegna e sulla bellezza delle sue spiagge rappresentano un’ulteriore chiara testimonianza dell’impareggiabile qualità dei nostri litorali e, in particolare, della limpidezza delle acque e del valore complessivo dei siti balneari, che non temono confronti nel mondo».

And from another expat’s blog “my sardinian life, her favorite beaches from the northern coast, which happens to be also mine : Travel theme: Beaches of North West Sardinia.

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