Dog friendly beaches … Directions and some advice

Here is the list of the current dog beaches.

The closest are the following two beaches  at about 20 mns and 35 mns ‘ drive respectively  from the villa :

Badesi : Baia delle mimose. Go through the complex. It is the second beach after the barrier (or the man collecting 2 euros a day to park in the high season. You will be fined if you park nearby without having displayed the ticket in July / August.)

Isola Rossa : Park by the Spanish tower . Follow the path right of the tower to the rocks. There is a small sandy like beach if you carry on a bit to the right of the 1st rocky inlets. Park at : 41° 00′ 51. 21” N  8° 52′ 22. 12” E  or  41° 00′ 55.301” N  8° 52′ 29. 30” E

The following 2 are less than 1H00’s drive away :

Sassari : Fiume Santo (after Porto Torres, near the power station “Fiume Santo”)  40° 50′ 46. 67” N  8° 18′ 42. 83” E

Sorso : Discesa a mare number  4.       40° 49′ 10. 03” N  8° 30′ 42. 83” E

These final 2 are about 1H30’s drive from the villa :

Santa Theresa di Gallura ( 5 euros entry) : Spiaggia di Porto Quadro ( Turn for “La filetta / Terravecchia & follow the indications to Porto Quadro)

Palau : Localita “Punta Nera”     41° 10′ 53. 16”N  9° 23‘ 32. 80” E

More dog beaches get added every year so watch this space !

You may be lucky and find a beach where dogs seem to be tolerated despite signs stating they are not allowed ( i.e there will be other dogs there and nobody makes a fuss). If your dog is small, it will be easier to go unnoticed and undisturbed.

Beware though that the local countryside police “la forestale” do fine dog owners ( only if somebody calls them to complain about your dog being illegally there.).