Village Open day “Ajo” in Bulzi

“Ajo a Bulzi”


Ajo meaning “let’s go” in dialect and Bulzi a village near to Perfugas and Sedini.

We decided to spend a day there which is one of a series of open days in the region.

Range of activities and visits varies depending on the village but usually include free visits to the museums and guided walks through areas of interest in the village area, traditional music and dancing, traditional country crafts and foods.

Bulzi is usually a very quiet village but was certainly alive on its open day.

Our favorite place to visit for the whole day was Bulzi’ s communal washing area and water fountain; now a cool shady granite structure with running spring water.


The best launderette I have ever sat around in !

The museum is well worth a visit. Quite small and simple displays but varied, interesting and friendly. Good for such a small village.

Also in the museum are pictures of the Lunissanti week during Easter. The Castelsardo procession is very famous for it. Now we know Bulzi has its own too.

Meanwhile, outside, there were various merry-making events mostly centered around artisanal food and drinks and an excellent local honey producer that also made superb honey aqua vita. Good fun to drink whilst watching the dancing.20161009_165639Dates for Ajo events are often published online and some posters put up locally.