On the joy and sadness of wildlife watching

collared dove

collared dove

Since last  year, we noticed a couple of collared doves hanging around the villa . They were regularly coming  down to the fountain to drink.
This year, we seemed to see them around a lot more. And Malcolm quickly found out why : they were nesting  in the pine tree near the pergola.

And soon enough,we saw 2 eggs ….transforming into 2 fledglings , growing happy and strong.

collared dove fledglings

collared dove fledglings

Until 1 afternoon, I saw a hawk flying low near the pine tree, with a prey in its talons. I just instantly knew it was one of our baby doves. All I could do is shout “no,no,no” in disbelief and horror as the  buzzard flew away, pecking at the fledgling, clouds of feathers flying off in the distance.
I ran to the nest and as I feared, I found it empty.  I am fully aware of nature’s balance  but couldn’t help thinking this was unfair. I obviously grew fond of that bird family  and felt for the poor parent I saw sitting quietly on the wire above  the now empty nest.
Luckily the story doesn’t stop on this sad tale as I was much surprised to see 3 colared doves flying to a nearby tree.  At least 1 of the fledglings made it …
I hope you too will enjoy seeing and hearing them perched on the wire or having  a drink at the fountain.



Spring is seriously early this year …

And by this, I mean the countryside is in full bloom by mid February. Our almond tree is gloriously ladden with flowers, lizzards play on the terrace, wild flowers everywhere, bees…  I even saw 2 buterflies frollicking the other day.

Whilst the temperatures of 24 degres sent all the locals to the beach yesterday, this is not normal at all. Whilst back in UK one considers building an arc, here I am worried that a sudden cold spell (which will surely happen at some point) will kill off this year’s fruits and wreck havoc amonsgt the wildlife.

In the meantime, we have been picking wild asparagus. This is our second collection in just over a week and there is more to come.

P1030487I am also planning to grow some ginger and make ginger beer. Luckily my partner has brewed that before and we are equipped. And as every year, I will be making some elderflower cordial and if there is plenty to share, I shall leave some for our guests at the villa too.

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