Why we are better than a hotel or a B/B for a week’ s stay.

Save money
Our holiday villa is cheaper than staying in a hotel room or a B&B. This works particularly well if you are a family or in a group, as you pay a set price for the villa which can then be split between you.

Enjoy more space
Not only are we often cheaper – but a lot bigger! You get the whole property; kitchen, dining room, huge garden, terraces and a private pool… why rent one room when you can have the whole property to yourself ?

Having the whole property to yourself means you have complete privacy and can chill out wherever you choose, you don’t have to worry about who that stranger is in the hotel room next to you… or opposite, or above or below you! And being located where we are in this glorious countryside, you can enjoy true privacy and comfort.

A villa with personality
We aim to give you an authentic and memorable experience. Whilst providing all modern conveniences, we managed to get a unique and luxurious villa with many beautiful decoration features.

Practical for information or in case of issues or emergency

We live nearby and can give information and advice, come and sort out any issues that may arise. In rare cases of emergency, we can help you too (the time when some clients damaged their car against a wild boar comes to mind or a disabled guest fell off her bed and struggled to get back on her feet). When your host was also a registered nurse (admittedly  a few decades ago) , you are in good hands ;-).