A dog’s life : Sardinia through a Labrador’s eyes.

In October 2015, our beloved 4 legged companion Toffee died. We were both heartbroken but her loss hit Malcolm harder as he’s known her since she was born. In effect, he knew Toffee’ s mum as a puppy too. Toffee was his everyday companion whether at work or play. Whilst we both felt blessed that she got to celebrate her 18th birthday (unusual for a Labrador), was in overall good health and she died quickly and painlessly surrounded by us, I guess we just wanted more time with her.

So in memory of Toffee, here is a quick slide show of that lovely animal:

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After much hesitation on Malcolm’s part and loads of research , trips and phone calls to various animal shelters and organisations,  Malcolm had clarified he only really wanted another chocolate lab, preferably a female too. And through acquaintances in Sardinia that have since become good friends, Delphine came along.

Delphine was born in March 2017 , part of a litter of 6 puppies and she was the only female.

I’ll just show you some pictures of her growing up:

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I had some dogs  pretty much all my life but some stuff i didn’t know .

Like how much puppies need to sleep and how they will happily do so anywhere:

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Some of it is obviously the occasion to amuse ourselves at her expense :

But she gets her own back by sleeping on clothes, making herself comfy in my luggage, stealing shoes and “play bite” with her very shart young teeth.

But that was back in June already… She is now 5 months’ old this September and has gained in strenght tremendously so. She has a long lithe body and a rather long tail. Not the stocky kind of labrador we were used to with Toffee.