Walking and Hiking

This tranquil and beautiful corner of Sardinia makes an exquisite place to enjoy walking. If you want a challenge, you can hike in Tempio mountains too or do the 20 kms walk from the villa .

If you love nature and love to walk or hike, then you will be delighted with the range of routes available. I have prepared and printed various circuits locally, of which 3 of them start from Villa Nuraghe itself.

from villa walks

from villa walks

 A further 3 start on the outskirts of Erula, 5 mns drive away.

Erula hill walks

Erula hill walks

There is also a further circuit in Chiaramonti Countryside.

We have a map & a book detailing all the hikes possible in the forest of Monte Limbara in Tempio.  Some of them start (or finish) with a great natural pool. That beautiful swimming opportunity alone is worth going to Monte Limbara . For more info, check this site : www.summitpost.org/monte-limbara/152760

There are also a few more printed walks near the coast at Santa Teresa. These are kept too in a folder at the villa.

 If you are keen walkers or hikers, there are 3 books that will interest you. The last 2 books have been recommended by previous guests as “must have”.

1.      This one is available at the villa :The Sunflower guide “ walking in Sardinia” is regularly updated (4th edition 2010) and the online Update service means you can get the latest  up-to-the-minute information. Although a car touring as well as a walking guide, this does include the most popular walks. For more details, look at www.sunflowerbooks.co.uk/product/walking-in-sardinia

2.      From the Routher walking guide : “Sardinia. The finest walks on the coast and in the mountains. 63 walks”. For more details : www.rother.de/titpage/4800.php

3.      “Walking in Sardinia” by the Cicerone editions (50 walks in Sardinia’s Mountains) is a well known guide. Check this site : www.cicerone.co.uk/product/detail.cfm/book/619/title/walking-in-sardinia

However the  walks / hikes we have found  locally should keep you busy for a good week or more .

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