Close encounters of the animal kind.

I just thought I would add a few photos of the animals I have encountered this year to make a change from the usual wild boar photos that are associated with this island.


Hawk Moth caterpillar than wriggles and clicks when disturbed. This huge caterpillar turns into a moth the size of a small bird!


A Sardinian Turtle. Occasionally seen crossing the country roads.


A praying mantis. An insect catching bonus for any garden!


A Fox, not that unusual, except this one came and sat next to me at a friends pizza restaurant. It was preoccupied with looking at the view, rather than bothering with people or pizza!


A sheep dog. Again, not at all unusual, except that they are usually unapproachable or even aggressive due to their work of living in the fields with the sheep and protecting them. This one loves me as I knew it as a pup and it will walk many kilometres in the heat to come and visit me.


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