On the joy and sadness of wildlife watching

collared dove

collared dove

Since last  year, we noticed a couple of collared doves hanging around the villa . They were regularly coming  down to the fountain to drink.
This year, we seemed to see them around a lot more. And Malcolm quickly found out why : they were nesting  in the pine tree near the pergola.

And soon enough,we saw 2 eggs ….transforming into 2 fledglings , growing happy and strong.

collared dove fledglings

collared dove fledglings

Until 1 afternoon, I saw a hawk flying low near the pine tree, with a prey in its talons. I just instantly knew it was one of our baby doves. All I could do is shout “no,no,no” in disbelief and horror as the  buzzard flew away, pecking at the fledgling, clouds of feathers flying off in the distance.
I ran to the nest and as I feared, I found it empty.  I am fully aware of nature’s balance  but couldn’t help thinking this was unfair. I obviously grew fond of that bird family  and felt for the poor parent I saw sitting quietly on the wire above  the now empty nest.
Luckily the story doesn’t stop on this sad tale as I was much surprised to see 3 colared doves flying to a nearby tree.  At least 1 of the fledglings made it …
I hope you too will enjoy seeing and hearing them perched on the wire or having  a drink at the fountain.



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